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Destination: Whistler

A plan is forming, and that is a dangerous thing. What was once just a dream became concrete. A start time, a route, remain over night (RON) sites coordinated and locked in, the destination site chosen, a map reconnaissance. Many details. Costs? Don't wanna think about it.

Still, I must recruit a network of local agents who will keep me informed of threat conditions, best apres ski locales, where to procure real maple syrup. Any readers of this blog from Whistler, BC? Drop your recommends in the comments. I will then be forced to confirm. I must know where the best chicken wings are baked/made/cooked? I like them crispy, not wet and gooey, and hot, hot enough that mucous flows like water.

Sordid bastard you say? Maybe. 30 years in the military will make you a bit...odd. What you think of a guy who travels 3000 miles alone and will sleep in an RV in the winter! I expect to be a little cold, goose down duvet and electric blanket notwithstanding-- but every day I can, I'll be snowboarding, or cross country skiing, or snowshoeing...or whatever I feel like. I'll warm up in the summer.

So, what is the plan, you say? Load up with ALL kinds of new gadgets, hit the road and start driving. 10 nights at campsites, so I'm taking it fairly easy, no great rush. I am using this mapping software that has a database of all the RV camps and big rig truck stops, so that is helping quite a bit. Built in to the s/w are the website links (when applicable, some smaller sites have you call to make reservations) to reserve a spot, see if it's 30 amp/50 amp hook ups, etc. Makes it pretty painless.

So, right on the top of that ridge, 10 miles out from Whistler Village, that's where I will set up my patrol base, my base camp. There are no trees at my site, an unobstructed view to the north, so my Starlink should be happy. They say there is a cafe where I can obtain that elixir that brings life, the brew from beans known as coffee. Here you might find me, quaffing, maybe my fingers poised o'er keyboard, thinking about what next to write.

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