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Route home is planned... planned return to Yellowstone was scuppered, so I had to improvise. I'll travel south to MOAB, Utah. That also was on the list, but I thought I'd do that one next year, but here we are. Hopefully I'll get loads of good pics-- looking forward to hikes in less woodsy areas.

British Columbia is one of the greenest places I've ever been-- fir trees, spruce, red cedar abound. Most are covered with a grey-green moss/lichen like you see on trees down in swamps in Louisiana-- it is that damp and rainy here. Beautiful, isn't it?

The waterfall to the left is about 5 minutes from where I go cross country ski in the Callaghan Valley. The overall Whistler area has dozens of well maintained hiking trails-- over which I have traversed many a mile over this winter.

Down side of this year's trip has been the 'winter' weather. During 'winter', I'd rather be snowboarding, not hiking, dammit. Literally, in February, there are bald spots on trails on the lower third of both mountains. Suboptimal.

Even cross country skiing has been available only in Callaghan...I went twice on the trails at Lost Lake (50m from the Warlock's Lair)-- washed away by rain in January...

I'll reconfigure the bike to accommodate MOAB trails-- that'll be fun! Prolly won't need the hand 'poagies' and the orange crate for groceries....either way, I'll be on the road too soon.

Now, THIS is what it is all about...

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