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7-Book Signed Series WITH FREE Morale Patch

Horiz_Close up_Patch and Books OUTDOORS.jpg

Same morale patch as below-- high quality, embroidered silk on velcro backing...colorful and detailed!  1 SF cigar and 1 morale patch per 7-book Warlock series (FREE)...all 7 books, signed, for the price of 6...shipping is FREE in to small inventory... 

The Moths to the Flame (MTTF) Morale Patch features the Devil's Brigade unit patch image that appears on my novel MTTF.  The patch is 4" in diameter and embroidered with silk/cloth and has a velvety, smooth finish.  It has both the male and female velcro sides for attachment to your kit/clothing. It is very colorful, not tactical! 


Ships CONUS; shipping cost is included in the price.

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