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Author James Davison's Review of 'Moths to the Flame'

Sir: thank you for allowing me access to your incredible book! Truthfully, this is by far your best work ever. It's engaging, clever, chock full of details, and gets an enthusiastic five stars from me. Only concerning note - the font color is different in some places. It looked to me like, in some chapters, the color was very light. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. No bullshit.


Feel free to use any of what I am sending. When you publish, I'll buy the Kindle version so that my review appears as a verified purchase.


Fucking well done!




How does a clandestine operative become legendary? You’ll find out in Moths to the Flame (MTTF), the new book by US Army Colonel Mike Bennett (ret.). MTTF provides the reader with the long-awaited backstory for “Warlock,” a spy recruited into the intelligence world because of his daring missions during WWII. If you’re already a fan of Bennett’s “Warlock” series, this is the penultimate book for you! Its seamless blend of action, intrigue, and suspense sets this book apart. Beginning with the Warlock fighting the Nazis in World War II, it soon zooms through the many intelligence issues he touches such as the fall of Iran, our action in Grenada, the USSR’s Chernobyl disaster, the first World Trade Tower Bombing, Chechnya, Bin Laden and 9/11.


Bennett’s extensive knowledge and experience in the intelligence community shine through, lending an unparalleled authenticity to the narrative. The meticulous attention to detail in describing the intricacies of spy craft, counterintelligence tactics, and the challenges faced by the men and women in the world of covert operations make this book a standout in the genre.


In conclusion, Moths to the Flame is an excellent book that immerses readers in the enthralling world of espionage. With its impeccable storytelling, rich character development, and authentic portrayal of the life of a spy, Bennett has created a masterpiece in the genre. This book will leave you pondering the price that must be paid to bring harm to our enemies as we protect those in the shadows—a must-read for any fan of spy thrillers or those fascinated by the mysterious world of intelligence operations.


James Davison is the author of Trinity 3.11, I Am Lazarus, Bottom Feeder, and I Am Sarah.

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