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Whistler 1...

The great adventure started, really, at least 5 years ago...I had gone to Whistler, my second time round, and after a week, I said to myself-- what if I retire and come here for the whole season. Well, staying in a hotel for 5-6 months was cost prohibitive, and then I had a thunk...What if I got a RV? How cold would that be in the winter, how much would it cost to heat, etc. I seized on Whistler for its moderate climate at the base/Village level due to proximity to the Pacific Ocean. And now, I test that theory!

This morning, at the crack of dawn, I was off like a new bride's nighty. I had gassed up, hooked up, yada yada the night prior, a-quiver in anticipation. Not. Long tedious hours at the wheel later, I arrived at a KOA site in Western, upper New York, its location undisclosed due to reasons unknown. Although its secrets would remain unravaged by THIS pilgrim, I can only report the 'apres ski' festivities clearly were in full swing, ribald and minute urchins the size of Munchkins running amok. It was madness, I say, madness.

Only the most ancient among us might be able discern the true nature of this medieval obelisk of doom. What is this...device? I tried to synch this device with my iPhone via bluetooth; no go. It made strange noises, not like from any battle I have ever seen. There was no blood, nor gore, no leaking of brain fluid...boring. I think only Stan, maybe Ron, will be able to unravel this mystery.

There were other gizmos, apparently electronic fabrications that in their day boasted memory capacities of 8 MEGA bits! Astounding, the cleverness to pack ALL this power in a form factor the size of very small U-Haul storage unit. These humans-- what will they think of next?

There were many campers sitting around at the end of day, and I was surprised by a spectacular sunset over a dried up cornfield, two deer munching the detritus of harvest from the ground. All in all, a satisfying day in the worthy quest of my future mishaps in British Columbia. Tomorrow, I shall sally forth-- go west, young man, go West!

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