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Sasquatch sighting!!!

As a writer, of course, it would be completely unethical to embellish a story just to hook new readers or to enhance a story to create suspense and tension. So I must adhere to the code, yet still let ya'll know that I sighted Big Foot here in beautiful Spearfish, SD.

Proof of the sighting can be seen to the left; I apologize for the blurriness, as the monster came out of nowhere, but I was able to fend it off with some Joe Dolio Kung Fu. Based on Braxton McCoy's sage advice on how to elude the creature, I came away unscathed. Further queries should be directed to these legends in their trades at @DolioJ and @braxton_mccoy respectively.

Is there any doubt we live in a beautiful country, one that is blessed beyond count as to its possession of wonders, its effortless grace? Behold! A small stream bordering my campsite, water so clear I could see each rock on the bottom 6 feet below the swift moving surface, as pictured here in this awesome display of photographic prowess.

This three thousand mile trek for me is affirmation of that fact; I grew up in the greatest country, I always felts that way. But now I get to see more of it as I explore beyond the confines of the east coast. Out here, in the West, you get a far greater appreciation of s-p-a-c-e and how freedom is wrung from every breath.

I woke up this morning, went through the breaking camp SOP only to notice my RV had magically grown about 5 feet overnight. I was pleasantly surprise as a 25 foot space gets small very quickly, as I am sure will be compounded during the winter months in British Columbia. Actually, the guy next to my site has a nearly identical Airstream, thus rendering the optical illusion. Next stop...somewhere west of here.

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