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Pre-deployment considerations...

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

So, I put out a tweet today and inquired what the correct protocol was for mounting Old Glory on a flagpole topped by a satellite dish. I thank all those who responded, most endorsing the idea. I then pondered, as the engineer inside me emerged, and having seen overhead pics of the RV site layout astride a barren ridge line at ~1800' AGL, to what kind of wind forces will this apparatus be subjected? My comfort with adding a flag to the pole diminished, as dark thoughts of pole clanging against fuselage, or worse, wind drag causing Old Glory to tear asunder and plummet to the earth fired my imagination.

Until I can get boots on the ground to determine the airspeed velocity of so many unladen Swallows, the pole will be only encumbered by the sat dish. A secondary consideration also came to mind: if I erect my pole and flag on Canadian soil, so as not to be deemed an ugly American, I really should also fly the Canadian flag underneath (thus increasing drag two fold). That is as clumsy a segue as ever, so I'll transition to some of my decorations, which I have already posted to Twitter, but bear some examination. Thematically, let us all agree the decor is tribute to the special operations folks that preceded me and my generation.

For those keen of eye, liberally sprinkled throughout the floorplan you'll see the regimental crest of Special Forces, complete with the motto 'De Oppresso Liber'. The Latin stands for: to liberate the oppressed. The other emblem of significance is fitting to my Canadian hosts (SF dudes know what I mean when I say 'build rapport'): the shoulder patch of a WWII commando unit called First Special Service Force. Immortalized in the movie The Devil's Brigade, this particular unit may receive a little more literary attention in my upcoming novel. Possibly. Maybe.

Another pre-D consideration was beefing up my capabilities to conquer or at least tame the elements when encountered, to whit: snow. The WarZam (Warlock/Zamboni) is 4 x 4, of course, but now discretely bears a winch, which pleases me to no end. I will add a pic of the load plan in the back tomorrow, but regale you now with the promise it contains a 2200W Honda generator with a propane gas fuel converter.

9/30-- update, as promised. Load plan in back of tow vehicle is seen to the right, masterfully annotated. I used to sleep in the back of this truck, so there's a solar panel on the roof of the cap. Ladder is to get to the top of the Warlock's Lair if the need arises. BOB is mostly cold weather gear and a sleeping bag, extra boots, a Jetboil and some chow.

I have about 25 days now until launch and believe I am prepared; can't think of anything else, and I'll be sure to add all the stuff I forgot after my self-flagellation punishments.

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