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My REAL purpose in Whistler...

OK...I REAL mission here at Whistler Base was indeed NOT to be seduced by nubile snow bunnies or other comely wenches...but to capture/kill 9/11 mastermind KSM, as shown in a frame of video below.

Here is that rat bastard, whom I had trailed over the course of several days to a cafe in Function Junction. Smarmy bastard ordered up a hummus plate and an Americano with raw cane sugar. I literally co-opted a young maiden with a cell phone to do the close target recce so as not to spook my prey before the assaulters breached and flex cuffed this looney mid face-stuffage.

OK. Clearly I am joking. Thankfully KSM was put away some time ago, but sadly justice has not been truly rendered to this day.

The resemblance is uncanny, tho. I swear I saw this dude and I had a heart attack. A WTF moment if ever was. I did, however, today attempt a road march on a trail behind the cafe (the 'Flank' trail, you Googler peepers). It was 3 deg F with maybe a 10-12 mph wind chill and even with mittens, my thumbs were freezing as was the exposed earlobes and nose tip. I love my Canadian brethren, but I swear they are a wee bit nuts when it comes to weather.

Indeed, this where I usually go X-C skiing. Beautiful, isn't it? Might be my last post before Christmas as the weather is supposed to warm up to 20-30 deg F Friday-Monday with 2-5 inches per day of new snow, and you know I'll be on the mountain then with all the other powder hounds...

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