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Fitness Goals for Summer 2023

I don't normally do this, but I was astonished and ashamed to step on the scale and 'tip in' at over 210 pounds. I decided I needed some accountability as I have never weighed this much. So go ahead and shame the piss out of me-- keep me motivated and on track.

My run times are just not where they should be, and I think it is because of an extra 10-15 pounds I just don't need. That goes for either year-- I would at the very least like to be able to run sub-8, maybe sub-7:30 miles on a good day. So that is goal number 1: 8 min mile by end of September. To achieve that, I have to lose at least 10-13 pounds. 200# would be about right, maybe even 195# if I get real lucky and ambitious.

The Mt Desert Cycling times were at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor. On a mountain bike, a different kind of biking for me. Typically I ride a road bike, my normal course was roughly 10 miles. This year, I will double that and try to remain at least a 17-18 mph average.

Like many folks, I have knee problems (and now a lingering shoulder strain of some sort-- makes nice crunchy sounds when I windmill my arms). So I am going to try and step up my swim game-- this year, I'll go to the Y and get lessons on how to the crawl properly. I do breast stroke and combat swimmer stroke (a modified side stroke with alternate breathing), and I basically suck. But I want to swim twice a week and this time of year the HS kids aren't practicing and taking all the lanes.

Bottom line, I have a lot of work to do to get my weight down. I will lift three times a week (maybe I'll post that routine-- mostly kettle bells, gymnastic rigs for pull ups and dips, and assorted free weights); run 2-3 times/wk; swim 2x/wk; ride the bike 2-3x/wk; and sea kayak for 45mins x2-3 times/wk. I hope not to blow out a knee or shoulder in the process.

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