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Defining the 'Alliance'

I realized after reading some past Twitter posts and writing 7 books that I still don't think I have clearly stated my comprehensive premise: in foreign affairs, America is challenged by an Alliance comprised of China/Russia/Iran and Turkey. That alliance makes up our core adversaries, but there are also straphangers like Venezuala, North Korea, maybe a few more. Leave your nominations in the comments.

The novels I have written so far have bitten off in easily digestable morsels a chunk at a time. When Towers Fall covers Turkey and Iran. The Baltic Chain focuses mostly on Russia. The Boomslang Gambit, China. And so on. I don't really pull it all together until Brine of War. So, I gotta fix that.

Ahh...also, another main point is the war so far has been an economic one, not guns a-blazing, nothing that obvious, that overt. Here, clearly, China is the main event, and they are getting some inertia. Our response has been lethargic, at best. Hence, the Warlock.

An unelected non-official, he is not playing games.

To rectify my sloth, I am working on something:

"Domestic conditions actually mattered and were descending to a point that for the first time in history, it was not only a variable to factor in when analyzing problems sets, but an issue with which the Warlock may eventually have to contend.  The time for that was not yet in play, but looming ominously.  Right now, the Warlock had to honor current strategies and see them through and to plan for the future.

In his own mind, he thought about what his immediate priorities were and what he felt needed to be accomplished in an intermediate term.  He recognized foremost that the United States of America was still the beacon of hope for not only many of those oppressed across the globe in faraway foreign lands, but also back here, at home, here in the US of A proper.  First things first—his charter entailed dealing with outside existential threats to America as a sovereign State.

The country was unwisely dipping its toe into many extravagances and whimsical endeavors with a simple result: massive debt.  Tens of trillions of dollars.  This, too, had to be solved, but for the time being it imposed on him merely a significant planning constraint.  His Father would have been pleased to know the Warlock realized that money did indeed not grow on trees.


It was no longer enough to mean well; now was the time to pursue strategies with a high probability of success, and to achieve tangible results.  There was zero room for anything else.  He would devise a series of events that were interconnected with values exceeding a single objective, the proverbial sum greater than the whole of its parts.  Properly done, this was achievable, not just MBA biz school rhetoric.  The key was focus.

To achieve the proper focus, he felt he had to do less, not more.  In some regards, restraint to just a few threat streams seemed advisable.  He had watched his country get embroiled in ‘Nation Building’, particularly with nations that shared no concept of compatible values.  To excise that particular boil was easy enough.

Broad and generalist military options generally would also be divested; since little else was being done to address the fundamental problem of economic acquiescence, he decided his efforts would do precisely that—find solutions to encumber chosen targets’ economic points of leverage.  If he ‘piggybacked’ onto existing military operations, it would only be to conceal his ops and provide cover for action.

He had discussed his thoughts with his predecessor, Lonny Pemberton; he was relieved when Lonny offered to always be there as his consigliere as long as he drew breath. Jon and Lonny both recognized one thing:  the United States of America was surrounded by enemies, and those enemies were gathering strength. They both agreed there was an active and very formal economic Alliance forming: China/Russia/Iran/Turkey.  It was this Alliance with which the Warlock must contend."

The purpose of this blog post is to provide evidence of the Alliance. These are taken from my Twitter posts over the past 3-4 years. If you look at them, you'll see the conspiracy, and for now, the head of the snake is China. Just glance through them, pay atttention to the highlights and distractingly unprofessional arrows and scribles. Do the analysis; add up the data; connect the dots.

There is an Alliance that means us ill harm: China/Russia/Iran/Turkey.

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