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Beefy update of Whistler shenanigans...

I have alluded briefly of the beauty of my view out my window...words cannot express (and I am supposed to be a writer!). On a very clear blue bird day, this is what I am burdened with...BTW, feel free to leave comments!

The view of a sun setting on 'Black Tusk' is worth repeating, I think...

Then again, some days it's a little more...messy. As you can see, the Warlock's Zamboni (WarZam) is a great roost for expended coffee cups whilst I labour to shovel a fresh dump of 10" of powder before even attempting navigating the 11% grade road to the Ville and subsequent mountain trails...

Go to Whistler they said...enjoy the fresh air, they all the snow bunnies, they said...NO ONE told me I'd spend so much time shoveling the damn stuff! Where was this sage advice from my Snow Mentor @OGA_Ron?

Last week it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit, this week a balmy 25+ degrees at night...a WORLD of difference in the Warlock's Lair. My extensive reconnaissance of local cultures guided me in the acquisition of the WarZam-- I would say 60% of the trucks (although a lot are 2500, 3500 series) are the Ram 1500+ platform-- so I swim in low-profile amongst the good people of British Columbia and they don't even suspect me...

Those pristine woods above were seen on a little hike to recon the trails leading from Function Junction. Weekends will be spent either hiking these trails or cross country skiing in Callaghan Valley rather than fighting the traffic/parking into Whistler village on massive powder days like today...I will leave you with a question...what do you think I did today!!??

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