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5 days...then, Whistler, baby!

So, the fall air is invading briskly-- few 70 degree days are left to bask in that failing Summer sun. Nights are dipping into even the 40s,'s time to hitch up the Airstream and venture West.

I'm swinging a little low to avoid Chicago-- traffic there even passing through last year had me road raging. Enroute to Whistler, I will visit a gentleman with a convenient MH-6 porch/LZ in case quick egress is necessary to escape from marauding Commies, but also on the slate is Yellowstone.

I am very excited to go to Jellystone. When my brother and I were kids, we never went to these places-- Disney, Jellystone, Grand Dad was a workaholic who had no idea what a vacation was. I can remember him taking maybe a week off one time, and that was to re-shingle the roof. He had no idea how to relax! The other time he took off was when there were forced furloughs in the 70s. So, for me, I am grateful to have this time off and am going to use it to advantage.

The one National Park I did visit way back when was Acadia National Park up by Bar Harbor, ME-- that was a quick weekend drive (but my mother still had to battle with Dad to get him away from the all important around the yard puttering that was the ritual after checking engine oils, tire pressures and if the spark plugs were properly seated). I took a short trip up there this Spring and caught some fortunate warm weather. Worth visiting if you've never been, bring a mountain bike for the trails.

Anyways...back to the Whistler trip. In addition to the Yellowstone excursion, I will mount a reconnaissance sortie into Helena, MT. Why? Just to the west of Helena was Ft. Harrison, the training ground of WWIIs famed Devil's Brigade. My good friend from California took this pic; The Devil's Brigade is the First Special Service Force (FSSF)-- a Canadian/US joint commando unit most famous for it's tenacious and heroic fighting spearheading the Allied campaign in Italy. I feature some of their exploits in my novel Moths To The Flame, and this research/writing is what inspired me to include Helena on my itinerary. FSSF is also a direct lineage to modern day Special Forces.

Still, the ultimate objective remains Whistler itself. On this year's calendar I will add backcountry skiing and skate-style cross country. I will be staying at the Riverside RV park-- much closer to town, and my site is about 43 meters to a cross country trail head. I'll have my fat bike to get to town-- outfitted with a rack and panniers for shopping raids. Since I'm going so early this year, I'll head to Cheakamus Lake and confirm if the pics are as stunning with my own camera.

All in all...I can't wait. 5 more days...

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