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I will likely have an unapologetic 'rosy' projection of America and its endeavors. I will accentuate the good-- because I believe America IS good to its core. I ask only for your trust-- the people my characters represent do exist, and they are Americans of the highest order. They live amongst us, they are everywhere, and we are better for it.

I plan to write a little different take on the traditional 'spy' novel. Oftentimes, the journey to 'actionable intelligence' is a long, patient slog. Sometimes, there is an elegant solution that is the culmination of rigorous engineering, other times, well, not so elegant! I see this journey through the lens of Special Forces 'By, With and Through' doctrine-- a path that may require a recruited indigenous support asset to emplace the collection device selected for a specific job. Sometimes the entire process takes years; there is no shortcut.

A former military officer and graduate of Ranger School and the Special Forces Qualification Course, I deployed 7 times over a span of 30 years. As many before me, I did my duty; no more, no less. Over the course of that time, I saw a great many young (and older) Americans serve with great distinction.

Best Sellers

I will sign each book in the series (albeit illegibly, I admit) and in each package I add a 'Special Forces' crested cigar.  Other folks have given at least equal value to the cigar, which hurts my feelings as a writer only a little!  


My hope is that you read them, then place them on a shelf, maybe dust them off when guests come over or pass them on as heirlooms for the next generation... 

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